Trauma Clinic Dublin

We are the Trauma Clinic.

We understand trauma and will help you recover.

We are a group of four experienced, dedicated and skilled emergency medicine physicians with a specialty interest in delivering high quality trauma care. We are devoted to improving the delivery of trauma care in Ireland for both simple and complex injuries. We incorporate the use of evidence based treatments and best practice protocols to ensure you get the best treatment available.

We are a cohesive group with a shared vision. We work together on a daily basis in one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Ireland at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. With a combined experience of over 50 years delivering this type of front line trauma care we have a unique skillset and depth and breadth of knowledge to manage a wide range of complex injuries including concussion, whiplash, sports and soft tissue injuries.

Within our team, each member has reached their current consultant position via a slightly different route and with different speciality interests all of which complement each other and strengthen our team dynamic.

  • Dr Francis O Keeffe has worked as a Consultant in the Alfred Hospital, which is a Level 1 Trauma Centre and one of the busiest and most advanced trauma centres in the Southern hemisphere.
  • Dr Gerard O’Connor works closely with the IRFU and has been appointed as Match day Doctor for International Senior Men’s & Women’s Rugby matches, the Women’s Rugby World Cup Rugby & European Champions Cup.
  • Dr Sinéad McArdle has completed a critical care fellowship and speciality interest year in Paediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Dr Vinny Ramiah is a lead in Geriatric Emergency Medicine and Geriatric Trauma.

Together we developed the Trauma Clinic because we are passionate about delivering comprehensive, structured and expert care to those who have been unfortunate to suffer an injury that is impacting their quality of life. With our unique knowledge, experience and skillset we will help you on the road to recovery in a safe, calm and coordinated fashion.

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