Medicolegal Reports

At the Trauma Clinic we can provide prompt bespoke medico-legal reports following accidents and injuries.

Our consultants are experienced in providing expert assessment and prognosis of injury.  Our team can provide a substantive breath of knowledge on the various aspects of traumatic injury both from a physical and psychological perspective.

Our combined medicolegal experience allows us to provide comprehensive reports for patients and solicitors.

In combination with our clinical partners we can also provide the best care and management of these injuries providing rapid access to diagnostics and specialist care with the aim to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Legal Firms can email requests for medicolegal examinations via our administration service

“Since the establishment of the Trauma Clinic, we have found the service that they provide to our office and to our clients to be speedy,  efficient and entirely professional keeping focus, where it should be, on the client. We are very happy with the feedback from any clients that have availed of their services.”

Shane O’Brien, MURRAY FLYNN Solicitors