Solicitors / Legal

At the Trauma Clinic we provide prompt bespoke medico-legal reports following accidents and personal injury.

Our Emergency Medicine Consultants are experienced in providing expert assessment and prognosis of injury. The fact that they work together as a team means their reports are consensus based enabling your client a combined balanced opinion.

We ensure qualified high quality reports in a short turnaround time to allow both you and your clients focus on the case.

Should your client require further investigations, multidisciplinary therapy or a specialist consultant opinion, we can provide this all on-site at the trauma clinic. We have excellent links with the co-located Affidea diagnostic facility, Dublin Spine physiotherapists, audiologists & psychologists, amongst other specialists. We are the one stop shop to facilitate rapid turnover of high quality, consensus based reports.

Our aim is to make things easy for you and your client, with easy and timely access to appointments for medico-legal reports processed in an efficient and professional manner.

In the event of court proceedings we can be available on request to provide testimony.

Please use our online referral system below to get in touch with us.

We look forward to working with you.

    “Since the establishment of the Trauma Clinic, we have found the service that they provide to our office and to our clients to be speedy,  efficient and entirely professional keeping focus, where it should be, on the client. We are very happy with the feedback from any clients that have availed of their services.”

    Shane O’Brien, MURRAY FLYNN Solicitors