What makes us different

We are a group of consultants in emergency medicine  with a passion and expertise at delivering high quality trauma care.   We have a combined experience of over 50 years,  delivering front line trauma care – managing everything from  life and limb threatening injuries to more common soft tissue injuries that can equally impact on quality of life. This provides us with the unique skillset to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions & injuries

In our experience, the impact of trauma can present in many ways, both physically and psychologically. Sometimes these symptoms don’t become apparent for some time after the accident. What may initially have been deemed a trivial or low impact trauma can have persistent debilitating problems on both a physical and psychological level.

When we get injured we usually don’t just injure one isolated part of the body. We know from experience that focussing on just one problem means that something else gets neglected. We won’t just focus on one particular injury but deal with the body as a whole to allow recovery.

Our approach is straightforward:

  • One-to-one comprehensive consultant care
  • Delivered in the calm environment of the Trauma Clinic
  • We aim for accurate, early diagnosis so that we can signpost you on the way to your recovery
  • We recognise the importance of both the physical burden that trauma brings as well as the psychological impact
  • We have the back-up holistic expertise and links to deliver on this

Getting knowledgeable advice early makes the journey to recovery clearer. You can be assured our knowledge basis is vast and our diagnostic skills honed by our regular exposure to trauma patients presenting with varying degrees of injuries in the emergency setting.

At the trauma clinic we aim to apply this unique knowledge and skillset to provide comprehensive 360 degree care to our patients

Your recovery matters to us and we are the right people to help you get there.

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