What we see

At the Trauma Clinic we specialise in the “post acute care” of injuries. For example you might have suffered a head injury several days ago and things “just aren’t quite right”.

Normally we’d expect that you would have attended your GP or local emergency department for an initial assessment prior to seeing us.

We realise that this won’t always be the case and if needed we can arrange initial investigations.

Sometimes what may seem initially as “minor” injuries can have long term consequences if not treated or investigated adequately.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources required to assess children under the age of 14.

We would advise that certain types of injury, such as suffering a head injury when taking blood thinning medications or injury causing an inability to walk would best be cared for in an emergency department setting.

We’d advise that if you’ve been seen by a healthcare professional elsewhere that you bring along any investigations or correspondence you might have been given.

For specific queries you can email us directly and we’d be happy to assist.

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